Managed Services

A managed service is usually is a much better option than developing or purchasing an information system. Below are some frequently asked questions about a managed service:

What is a managed Service?

A managed service allows you to lease the software and hardware required to operate an information system.

Who owns the information collected?

The raw data (information) collected belongs to you. At the end of the lease all the raw data the system has collected will be returned to you, with the exception of passwords, which are irreversibly encrypted.

What is the 'lead in' period?

This is the period before the lease begins, when the system is customized to your needs and business processes finalised.

What is the 'lead out' period?

This is the period at the end of the lease, when the system is closed down and all the raw data is removed from the system and delivered to you

What happens during the lease period?

The lease period starts after the lead in period when you have complete control over the system. The system is yours to use as you wish.

Will I need to change or develop new business processes?

The system is primarily a management tool. It will work best if it is properly integrated into your business processes. If you wish can provide advice during the ‘lead in period’

What are the main advantages of a managed service?

  • You can have a system which meets your needs without any capital or development costs.
  • You will have a well designed information system which will improve your information flow, provide up to date information for planning and build capacity within your organization.
  • The system will have minimal impact on your information technology department
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